Chetanya is a trauma informed embodiment coach who has supported many 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs to release old patterns and rewire their nervous system response from fight flight and freeze to one of ease, flow and magnetism.

Elizabeth Anne Walker is a woman who has such an incredibly inspiring story that will be sure to draw out your own inner strength when you can understand the power of how you speak to yourself and what you...

Livia’s wisdom was pure and captivating with tangible knowledge about how to truly create a business that is in full alignment with your soul’s mission and how to anchor the frequency of 5D consciousness into 3D reality.

Kyliee has literally used paid advertising from the beginning to blow up her business, she now travels, competes with her horses and just genuinely lives a life that is in full alignment with what SHE chooses!

Anna beautifully presented ways in which these unconscious beliefs can play out and provided incredible guidance about how to navigate them. Knowing they aren’t bad, you do not need to judge them, they are just in fact like guard...

Here at The Freedom Era we are so committed to providing our community with the tangible tools and resources that support growth in life AND business - because both are intrinsically linked! This week inside The Academy we welcomed...

To kick off our 2022 Masterclass season, we welcomed none other than the unicorn of the coaching industry, multi 7 figure earner and Instagram creator, Stephanie Schultz! This was one for the books where Stephanie got straight into how...


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